MobHarvesters initiative is basically beneficial only to businesses operating in Africa which are eligible for registration. MobHarvesters  Main Menu is free for viewing but only accessible to users intending to link their businesses. This is a chance for African business operators to bite a share of  special trading pie. MobHarvesters provides extensive business interactive and collaboration opportunities right from grass root business beginners to mega entrepreneurs. It is a place where all types of businesses short circuit to promote & impart one another. This is a century happening that will lead to a wide range of business spectrum opportunities. It is a hall mark adventure purposely to unveil various business undertakings. It is a gallery of conglomeration of business innovative attics in Africa. MobHarvesters is an indisputable platform pace setter for technology dispensation. MobHarvesters provides a rare business exchange dialogue forum Access.  It is a well tailored granary of business impartation window. It reveals prospective benefits that emerge after continued routine browsing in search of emerging technologies, innovations and services. It is only booking a page with MobHarvesters  that an aggressive business entrepreneur can easily scoop intricate knowledge as to: who sells what to who; where to purchase what from who; who assembles which equipment for what purpose and which business continually gains momentum, why and so on. The main mission of MobHarvesters is facilitating counter information exchange among the linked businesses. Linking a business is the same as planting a seed even when the sower might not be a witness at the germination time.

             MobHarvesters shall provide a business promotion opening in recognition of Teamwork inputs of  various businesses and individuals. By way of appreciating the role played by all linked businesses in promoting activities, priority in bidding for MobHarvesters contracts shall be awarded to the linked businesses. The selection for such contracts shall be done in transparency via ballot draws. Launching of  Business Mobility Rescue Scholarships is a visionary social contribution agenda for Man power development.


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